Why Self Hypnosis Can Help With Weight Loss

Mark Spalek Leicester HypnotherapyMark Spalek is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Director of Positive Blossom Limited. He runs a busy practice in Leicester, Positive Suggestions Hypnotherapy, based in the UK and is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register (validated by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council). He is continually driving his therapeutic techniques forward through innovation, research and dedication.

The use of self hypnosis is an important element of treatment plans that I have utilised for many many years in weight loss programmes. In fact, I have used self recorded audio downloads as a useful addition to hypnotherapy sessions with 99% of clients.

So when I discuss the concept and process of self hypnosis during the free initial consultation, the first question many clients wishing to lose weight ask is what exactly is self-hypnosis and how can it benefit me in terms of weight loss?

I explain to clients at my Leicester based UK practice, Positive Suggestions Hypnotherapy, that self hypnosis is a combination of self directed thought, focus and concentration. Self hypnosis is similar to a meditative state and allows us to shift our attention towards things that we need to focus upon in order to achieve the changes that we want in our lives.

In terms of practicing this type of focussed attention I suggest that clients can practice this at home by finding a safe quiet place and taking a few nice long deep breaths before focussing all their attention on their fingertips. As they shift their attention to their fingertips so they start to become aware of how their fingertips feel. Perhaps they notice the temperature of their fingertips or what they are touching.

As you practice this focussing of attention on something specific such as your fingertips, so your mind is building up a powerful experience of your fingertips. This shifting away from other thoughts onto something specific forms the essence of self-hypnosis.

Now this element of focus is a powerful thing. Shifting focus, concentrating and directing our energies towards something that we wish to achieve in our life promotes positive change.

So self hypnosis, when directed towards weight loss, helps us lose weight.

Our focus, concentration and attention is directed towards losing weight and so we prime our mind to help us lose weight.

When it comes to losing weight, self hypnosis is directed towards:

– Building a positive image within our minds of ourselves at our target weight, and making this experience of ourselves at our target weight as real and vivid as we can.
– Accessing power and control to prevent binge eating and stop eating unhealthy fattening and sugary foods.
– Noticing triggers and reacting differently to triggers for eating unhealthily.
– Making the necessary changes to our eating habits and lifestyle in order to facilitate effective weight loss.
– Increasing motivation to exercise.
– Keeping motivated to maintain our target weight once we have achieved it.

Repeated self-hypnosis on a daily basis keeps us focussed on the path of weight loss and empowers us to take control of and change our eating habits as well as welcoming more exercise in our lives.

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