Two Minutes To Positive Thinking

Mark Spalek Leicester Hypnotherapy
Have you ever had one of those days when nothing goes right for you? When negative thoughts such as not being good enough or not deserving good things in life start to fill your mind? Perhaps you worry about what other people think about you?

Negative thoughts can be deceptively powerful if we find ourselves attaching to them.

They can be very convincing and the more attention we give these thoughts the more damage they can do to us in terms of making us feel bad about ourselves.

So here’s a really easy technique I use to get rid of negative thoughts and to start thinking positively instead.

Whenever you find yourself thinking negatively begin to gently focus on your breathing: the in breath, the out breath.

Notice the rhythm of each breath, notice the difference between the temperature of the air that you breath in compared to the temperature of the air that you breath out. By doing this you are focussing yourself back into the present moment.

Notice any parts of your body that are tense. Focus on this tension and imagine breathing relaxation into that part. Notice the tension beginning to loosen as you start to unwind and relax.

Now think about something pleasant, something enjoyable: perhaps a holiday or a place that you love visiting, a hobby that you enjoy doing. It can be anything as long as you enjoy the experience.

If you cannot think of anything pleasant think about your favourite food, maybe even a favourite drink or a treat.

Immerse yourself fully within this pleasant thought and focus your breathing, your whole attention on this positive pleasant thought. Make it real in your mind, imagine doing that wonderful thing that you are thinking about. Live it out in your mind!

Notice your positivity grow within you ~ perhaps a feeling of hope, perhaps a change in mood or a loss of tension or anger or frustration as you begin to realise that positive thinking can always be a part of you, something you can manifest whenever you want.

Notice how those negative thoughts no longer have any impact on you. They are distant and unimportant. This is the power of positive thought, the more we feed these positive thoughts with our attention the more they will grow and the more you will prosper.

Just as a muscle grows with regular training so you need to repeat this process every time you find any negative thoughts popping up. Trust me they will! With practice your mind will instinctively learn to let go of negative thoughts and focus on positivity and joy instead.

Enjoy feeling good about yourself!

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