The Answer To Stress Relief

Mark Spalek Leicester Hypnotherapy

Why The Answer To Stress Relief Is Literally Blowing In The Wind

Experiencing leaves being blown by the wind can be an extremely relaxing way of spending some stress free time and what better way of doing this than sitting on a park bench on a pleasant afternoon watching the leaves being scattered across the grass?

The gentle caress of the wind on the leaves can quickly lead us into a state of peaceful meditation where our attention and focus is upon movement and flow instead of any problems or anxieties in our lives.

Research shows that we have been meditating since the earliest known tribal communities came into existence, and that meditation can lead to dramatic shifts in consciousness.

As we focus on the leaf in the wind, so thoughts may arise yet we are better able to allow these thoughts to pass by without any attachment. By not clinging to any thoughts we become less stressed and more relaxed – the thoughts simply do not stay long enough to suck us in and cause us damage.

The more you watch the leaves being blown by the wind, the better you get at focussing on the leaves, making the meditative state more and more powerful with focussed practice. Within this quiet time of reflection you may begin to discover new qualities about yourself that you never thought that you had, qualities that can blossom in this thought free state.

So try and find some free time in a park, just watching the leaves float by!

Other ways of getting rid of stress could be through watching the clouds pass by in the sky or experiencing the flow of a river or stream. Those of us lucky enough to live by the sea can experience the hypnotic toing and froing of the waves upon the beach.

Stress Relief Tip

Find time to do any of the above at least once a week for a few minutes of stress-free quiet time. It’s more effective for getting rid of stress than watching TV or going on the Internet!