Latest Testimonials

Dear Mark, thanks for the ‘Overcome Anxiety Over Guitar Playing’ audio download. I am writing to let you know that I played really well in performance class this week in front of two tutors and an augmented class of twenty two guitarists! Lots of lovely things were said about my confidence and authority and how relaxed and controlled my playing was. My friend even bought me some flowers…to remind me how well I had done. I listen to your recordings a couple of times a week now and mix them up. They are very enjoyable and I love making time to listen to them. Many, many thanks.
YB, Midlands

“Thanks for getting rid of my fear of drinking water with your bespoke audio service – the session was recorded professionally and covered all the areas of the fear that I had. I can see why you help so many people at your practice. I now drink the recommended two litres of water daily and have no nerves over doing this.”
MA, Switzerland

“It’s been six months since I gave up smoking with your audio and feel so much better in terms of my health and the fact that I have saved all that money! It’s been great.”
Tony, US

“I was sceptical of trying self-hypnosis for my fear of doing certain moves in gymnastics but it was getting to the point where I could no longer do back flips and this was getting me fed up during practice sessions. I downloaded your product and listened to it every day for two weeks and found that my anxiety decreased over that period immeasurably. My performance has improved so much that I find myself enjoying gymnastics again and can perform back flips without even thinking about them.”
Sandra, UK

“Thank you! I ordered the bespoke audio service because I had a very specific fear surrounding open water. The audio MP3 came within 5 days which was great and after listening to it daily for a period of four weeks my fear gradually got less and less until I was able to go out on my boat and feel calm and relaxed instead of panicky – the first time in years!!”
Andy, UK.

“My eating habits were out of hand and I kept snacking on unhealthy food until a friend suggested that I try self-hypnosis. Since buying the ‘Comfort Eating’ audio from Positive Blossom I have noticed a massive change in my eating – I no longer snack on harmful foods when bored and now I eat healthily and feel really in control of my eating. Thanks for this!”
Tony, London.

“I was a mature student back in study and was finding it hard to get through exams as well as getting really nervous before an exam. I listened to the ‘Exam Stress’ audio for several weeks and found that my focus and concentration during revision improved considerably and I found myself feeling calm and relaxed before each exam. I now use my self hypnosis session to prepare for exams and actually enjoy doing them.”
Justin, UK.

“The ‘Lose Weight’ hypnosis has really helped me take control of my eating and has resulted in me losing weight and feeling much much better within myself as well as appreciating my appearance again. Thanks for a really great recording!”
Anne, Edinburgh.

“It’s nice that I can focus on my darts without feeling nervous anymore! I feel like a world champion.”
Dave, Leicester

“Because of a lack of confidence which I carried from an early age I used to worry a lot about situations like job interviews, meetings and events where I didn’t know the other people who were there. I purchased the ‘Confidence In Situations’ hypnotherapy session as a last resort and was very surprised about how quickly I let go of my fears and started to feel confident about talking to people and interacting strongly in meetings at work. This works really well and I would recommend it to anyone who feels frightened about expressing themselves in front of others.”
Allan, London

“Thanks for helping me stop my gambling. I was losing hundreds of pounds a day on online gambling sites as well as going to casinos and spending every last penny I had at the bookies too. The audio helped to get me to take back control and to focus on positive elements in my life instead of resorting to gambling. I can say no to gambling and am a lot better off financially as well as mentally.”
Steve, UK.

“I bought the ‘Lose Weight’ audio and after listening to it solidly for six weeks was able to stop eating fatty foods and instead start to get more exercise and eat more healthily. I lost almost one and a half stones in eleven weeks and now feel fit and great!!”