Relaxation Corner

Welcome to our Relaxation Corner where you will find lots of tips and techniques to help you relax when you listen to our audio hypnotherapy sessions.

The Quiet Breath Exercise – Diaphragmatic Breathing To Help You Relax

Read through and practice:

1. Find a safe, quiet place and sit or lie down.

2. Place your hands, palms downwards, onto your stomach just below the rib cage.

3. Breathe in slowly through the nostrils for a count of three and as you do so focus on inflating your stomach like a balloon. This may not be easy to begin with but as you focus on your stomach so it will eventually begin to rise with each in breathe. Allow your chest and shoulders to remain as still as possible. Remember, the focus is on maximum utilization of the diaphragm in order to effect the in breath and out breath so it should be doing all the work for you as you relax into each breath.

4. Breath out slowly for a count of four, preferably through the mouth, and allow your stomach to deflate and return to its original position. Because your out breath is longer than your in breath you are promoting relaxation within the mind and body.

Tip: Imagine your diaphragm as a balloon that expands as it fills with each in breath and returns to its original shape with each out breath.

5. Repeat the in breathe for a count of four once more, allowing your stomach to rise, and begin to notice any pleasant feelings or sensations in your mind and body. You are starting to relax, starting to slow down, starting to unwind. Breathe out once more and allow the stomach to return to its original position. Try not to force movement into your stomach, allow it to happen naturally with the rhythm of each breath.

6. Enjoy the Quiet Breath for as long as you wish.

Accessing My Special Place

Each audio hypnotherapy session gets you to imagine a Special Place where you feel calm and relaxed. This can be any place that you want it to be. Perhaps your Special Place is a holiday from the past, or a walk in the countryside that you find particularly relaxing, perhaps a certain room in your house that you find very relaxing. In order to access your Special Place try the following exercise:

1. Find a safe, quiet place and sit or lie down comfortably.

2. Relax into your Quiet Breath, allowing your stomach to rise and fall peacefully with each cycle of the in breath and out breath.

Tip: Don’t try to relax, simply allow it to happen at a rate and pace that is just right for you.

3. Close your eyes and allow yourself to drift to a time where you were completely calm and relaxed, a time when you felt completely safe and secure. Don’t force anything, simply allow your Special Place to build in your mind. If you cannot access your Special Place in this way, then simply imagine yourself to be calm and relaxed.

4. As your Special Place begins to form in your mind, step into it, fully associating with it as though you are there, seeing it through your own eyes, hearing what you hear, feeling what you feel.

5. Make your Special Place as realistic as you can using all of your sensory channels: make any colours as bright and bold as you can, turn up any sounds in your Special Place and adjust the feelings of calmness and relaxation until they are just right for you. Imagine having a dial for peace and calm, and turning this dial up until you feel nicely relaxed. With each Quiet Breath that you take, your Special Place becomes more and more real. Enjoy the feelings of calmness and relaxation that accessing your Special Place brings. Notice any pleasant sensations in your mind and body.