Public Speaking – Dealing With Larger Groups

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Okay With Small Groups But Get Nervous With Larger Ones?

How many of us feel fine when we are presenting or talking in small groups of 5 or 6 people yet when we know that the group size will be much larger we start to feel the nerves rise?

If you are one of these people then the following mental rehearsal technique is perfect for you.

It is a very simple technique that gets us to imagine a future presentation by splitting the large audience up into smaller groups.

By doing this you can train the mind to relax, knowing that you are in fact presenting to several small groups rather than one very large one. I utilize this technique several days before I am about to present in front of a large group and this really helps me to lose the nerves and focus on delivering the best presentation I can.

Exercise: Split The Audience Into Smaller Groups

1. Take some time out and imagine yourself about to present to your audience.

2. Imagine that the audience is split into small groups of 5 or 6 people.

3. Imagine direct eye contact with your audience, shifting eye contact from group to group as you confidently deliver your presentation.

4. Enhance this experience by imagining yourself delivering the best presentation/talk/lecture that you know you can. Have fun making this experience as pleasant in your mind as you can.

Spend a couple of minutes doing this technique each day and lift those nerves about speaking in front of a larger group.

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