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1. All our audio products are professionally written and recorded by Clinical Hypnotherapist and Brief Solution Focussed Therapist Mark Spalek, who has run a successful practice in Leicester for many years. With 1000’s of hours of clinical experience in helping people empower their lives, Mark offers a wealth of expertise and knowledge in treating any issues or problems you may have.

2. Mark creates and develops each audio hypnosis download product in such a way that they are specific to you, allowing your unconscious mind, which is always there to protect and help you, to overcome any issues and get rid of fears, bad habits and negative thoughts you may have about yourself or the world around you as well as promoting new positive ways of behaving, feeling and thinking instead.

3. Mark has featured on radio programmes (BBC Radio Leicester) where he has advised on how to overcome difficulties and issues, utilising his extensive experience within therapeutic interventions.

4. Each audio hypnosis download is tried and tested, having been used successfully in clinical practice. Mark adopts an evidence-based approach to hypnosis, using clinical techniques and strategies that have been proven to be effective. With the development of The Hub Mark has provided health centres, clinics and GP’s with detailed information on evidence-based approaches to the use of hypnosis in treating individuals, and which has resulted in many referrals from GP’s.

5. Each product utilizes a powerful combination of indirect and direct suggestions, embedded commands, metaphors, progressive muscle relaxation and post-hypnotic suggestions, resulting in a highly effective set of interventions that help you achieve the desired outcomes that you wish.

6. Each self-hypnosis audio is recorded to a high quality professional studio standard, making your listening experience pleasurable and highly relaxing.

7. All self-hypnosis products feature highly relaxing sound effects integrated within the soundtrack to help your mind and body enter a deep state of relaxation.

8. Every audio download you purchase can be easily copied onto CD, MP3 player or DVD.

9. All our products are cost effective, ensuring full value for money for all our customers. At Positive Blossom, the primary focus is to help people achieve their goals rather than making lots of money. This will always be the case.

10. We offer a full 90-day money back guarantee with all audio downloads, giving you total peace of mind and confidence.

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Mark Spalek’s hypnotherapy practice in Leicester, UK:

Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy – A Textbook

Mark is currently writing a book with his sister, Professor Barbara Spalek, exploring integrative techniques in Counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Brief Solution Focussed Therapy. ‘Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy – A Textbook’ is commissioned through publishers Taylor and Francis (Routledge) and will be completed in 2018.

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