Listening Tips

Tips for maximising your listening experience.

1. Listen to the hypnotherapy session once a day. Should you wish to listen to your hypnotherapy session more, then a maximum of two sessions a day is recommended. Also, if you have purchased more than one hypnotherapy session, then we recommend that you only listen to one session per day as listening to several different sessions would be too much information to process.

2. Don’t try too hard to relax. Simply allow this to happen at a rate and pace that’s just right for you. The combination of the therapist’s soothing voice and relaxing background music and sound effects are designed to help you relax.

3. Don’t try to listen too hard to the hypnotherapy session. It is not a lecture or a lesson. Allow the words to wash over you rather than focus too specifically on what the therapist is saying. The best way to listen to each audio track is to imagine that it is like a radio in the background. You are aware of it but not trying too hard to follow instructions. If you try too hard then you inevitably put too much pressure on yourself to succeed

4. Be patient, climbing a mountain is not achieved by jumping over it. Positive change may happen one step at a time. Initially, due to life circumstances or difficult situations that have caused you to seek self-help, you may find it difficult to relax. Accept that this is the case and that you will need some practice with relaxing your mind and body. Listening to the audio track on a daily basis will send positive messages to your mind that you want to relax. The more you practice relaxation the better you will get at it – think about an athlete that practices his/her technique in order to perform better. It is the same experience for you – the more you practice relaxing and focussing on your breathing the easier it becomes to achieve a state of relaxation. If you have trouble relaxing then you may wish to visit our Relaxation Corner for tips and techniques on how to relax.

5. It is recommended that you listen to your hypnotherapy session in a seated position, rather than lying down. This is because it is less easy to fall asleep. For optimal performance, each hypnotherapy session should be listened to in a relaxed state and not while you are asleep. We recommend that you listen to your audio when you are alert and not when you feel very tired as this may result in you falling asleep.

6. When the mind is very relaxed then it may feel as though you have fallen asleep during certain points of the session but this is not the case. What you have achieved is a deep state of relaxation which facilitates the positive changes suggested by the hypnotherapist, and you may experience this deep relaxation as ‘zoning out’ for a few seconds.