Improve Golf With Self Hypnosis

Mark Spalek Leicester HypnotherapyMark Spalek is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Director of Positive Blossom Limited. He runs a busy practice in Leicester, Positive Suggestions Hypnotherapy, based in the UK and is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register (validated by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council). He is continually driving his therapeutic techniques forward through innovation, research and dedication.

As a keen follower of many different sports I’m lucky enough to work with many professional sportsmen and women, including golfers, footballers, cricketers and rugby players. One of the focal points of my treatment plans for improving sports performance and getting rid of sports based anxiety is to teach clients the use of self hypnosis during hypnotherapy sessions.

Why Self Hypnosis And Improving Golf Performance Are A Match Made In Heaven

When it comes to improving golf performance, self hypnosis can be the most useful exercise available to the golfer, professional or amateur.

In terms of improving our golf, self hypnosis can be used to focus on a specific area of our play that we wish to either get rid of or correct, improve upon or enhance in some way. This is similar to meditation where we direct our attention inwards in order to make change happen outwards.

So by focussing our minds onto a particular part of our golf, such as the perfect drive, we can elicit ‘Inside-Out’ change, allowing our mind to store this perfect drive (the Inside part) and create a ‘blueprint’ for performing this shot on the golf course when we need it (the Outside part).

Why The Most Important Distance In Golf Is The Five Inches Between Your Ears

How often have you allowed a poor shot to fester in your mind only to find that the rest of the round goes from bad to worse? The chances are quite often. Golf is after all a difficult game, heavily relying on good hand-eye coordination skills.

But it’s that 5 inches between your ears that makes all the difference!

Mentally tough golfers, such as the legendary Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods, are great because they have the ability to forget a bad shot and move onto the next shot without letting that bad shot fester within them. They are able to let go. To be in the present moment on the golf course. This is one of the reasons they have won 32 professional majors between them!

The good news is that we can all learn this type of skill!

Self hypnosis can allow us to mentally rehearse various scenarios on the golf course so that we are better able to deal with any problems that may arise.

For example, in the case of a hitting a bad shot:

1. We take a step back and release any negative thoughts feelings or emotions we may have about the shot we’ve just taken.

2. We then mentally rehearse taking a step back from where we have just hit the ball and imagine ourselves practicing the shot properly. By focussing on this routine we are able to do this activity during the actual game of golf itself.

3. As we walk up to the ball for our next shot we let go of the previous shot completely so that we only focus our mind on what we need to do next.

4. Arriving at the ball, all our focus is now on that ball and how we plan to play our next shot.

The above routine quickly allows us to forget bad shots and focus instead on being in the present moment on the golf course. After all, what has happened in the past has happened. All great golfers know this and focus on entering the zone each and every time they are about to perform a shot.

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