How To Enhance Motivation Through Self Hypnosis

Mark Spalek Leicester HypnotherapyEver wondered why you lack motivation to get things done? Notice that you worry about completing a task so much that you leave it until the very last minute? Find that no matter what you tell yourself you somehow can never get enthusiastic about starting a new project or assignment?

These are all classic symptoms of a lack of motivation. So why do we lack motivation in the first place?

In many cases a lack of motivation can be linked to anxiety about what others may think about us. For example, a student who has an essay to complete may be so worried that he/she is not knowledgeable enough within the subject area that they leave the essay until the last moment because of the fear of getting a low grade. In fact what this lack of motivation manifests is a self-fulfilling prophecy – rushing to complete an essay the night before the deadline usually results in a poor grade. My 15 years of experience as a lecturer confirms this!

Another common reason for low motivation can be because of an overwhelming fear of failure. It’s very easy for us to focus on the things we haven’t achieved as opposed to the things we have.

So how do we enhance our motivation through self hypnosis?

It’s important to understand that motivation can take two different forms: towards motivation and away from motivation.

There are things that we feel motivated towards, for example, getting dressed, eating, enjoying a drink. But there are also things that we feel motivated away from, for example: not getting told off by someone.

In order for us to achieve successful goals in life, both towards and away from motivation need to work in harmony. For example, one of my goals is to help as many people as I can around the world through self hypnosis and so I am motivated towards the goal of growing my business. But along this journey I need to be aware of things that I am motivated away from in order to achieve this goal. For example, I don’t want to spend large sums of money advertising so my motivation is away from this, directed instead towards using social media and word of mouth to promote my business.

So a combination of both towards and away from motivation can be part of any journey towards achieving a goal.

Develop Your Own Inner Motivation

A useful exercise to develop motivation is to find a safe quiet place where you can comfortably relax and start focussing on your breathing. As you focus on each breath allow the relaxation that this brings to flow within you and as you do this think about a moment in your life when you experienced success, a moment in your life when you achieved something that you started. As you get a memory of past success in your mind enjoy the positive feelings and sensations that this brings and try and make that memory as vivid as you can.

Don’t worry if you cannot remember a memory of success, just imagine yourself as the most successful person in the world.

Now clear your mind with a few deep breaths and think about something that you’ve been putting off, a task that you have not had the motivation to complete. As you get a sense of this, take a deep breath and allow that memory of success or imagined success to flow into your mind as well as all the positive feelings and sensations that you experienced before.

Now with these positive feelings of success in your mind, imagine completing that task or goal. You are associating the completion of that task with a past memory of success and through repeating this exercise regularly will develop your own inner motivation to achieve your goals. Try it out for yourself!

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