Getting In The Zone For Sports – What It Is And How To Achieve It Through Self Hypnosis

Mark Spalek Leicester HypnotherapyImagine yourself in a moment where time seems to slow down, where you are aware of yourself and your performance with heightened clarity.

Imagine your technique being performed almost perfectly, without any noticeable effort. Your performance just flows from within you, you are fluid, all your muscles, fibres, joints working in total harmony with your mind.

Imagine yourself performing to the best of your ability.

The above experiences form what is known to athletes as ‘getting in the zone’.

Getting in the zone means that you are more likely to tap into the instinctive part within you, so that you make the right action at the right moment without really thinking about it.

It all seems to happen automatically but what has actually happened is that you have allowed the unconscious part of your mind to control things for you without any barriers to performance. This results in your body operating on autopilot.

Important techniques for getting in the zone include creating positive mental states of emotion as you imagine yourself performing to the best of your abilities.

Breathing can help to anchor the positive emotions and feelings that you experience as you mentally rehearse your performance and can help to anchor positivity and relaxation within you so that you enter the zone when you need to, without trying.

Self-hypnosis that focusses on the above techniques can be an effective way of developing this ‘entering the zone’ mindset.

Self-hypnosis promotes mindfulness and heightens our experiential awareness so that when we imagine ourselves performing to the best of our abilities we really ‘see’ ‘hear’ and ‘feel’ the performance. A blueprint for sporting success is created in our minds and we can improve our performance and stay ‘in the zone’ more effectively.

I have worked with many athletes using these techniques in order to help them get in the zone and improve their sports performance. What I have found is that the really great thing about using self hypnosis is that is doesn’t matter what sport you are involved in: breathing techniques, relaxation and mental rehearsal exercises work equally well for runners, those involved in team sports such as football, darts players, cyclists, gymnasts – to name but a few.

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