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Inner Strength Relaxation Meditation – Free Audio Download

Relaxing into a peaceful meditation is a great way of creating a wonderful harmony between mind and body, allowing you to experience pleasant feelings and sensations such as a stillness of the mind and a focusing of attention inwards as we discover positive qualities about ourselves that we never knew we had.

This track guides you on a journey of discovery as you tap into the seed of your inner strength, as strong and powerful as an ancient tree.

Enjoy the wonderfully relaxing backing track of ethnic rhythms, swirling pads and soft strings, composed by Mark Spalek, that accompanies this peaceful meditation, as you first discover and then build on the inner strength you never knew you had.

free relaxation meditation audio download MP3
Inner Strength Relaxation Meditation – Free Audio MP3 download

Relaxing Into Self Hypnosis

Enjoy the powerful sensations of calmness and relaxation with this free self hypnosis audio recording MP3 download from Positive Blossom. The progressive muscle relaxation part of this recording allows you to relax all the muscles from the top of your head to the tips of your toes whilst learning how to focus the mind on each breath.

Experience the wonderful deepening sensation of relaxation as you descend down an imaginary staircase into your very own place of calmness and relaxation. This is your very own Special Place, a place of tranquility and peace that becomes easier to imagine each and every time you listen to this self hypnosis recording.

Finally enjoy your Garden Of Tranquility, the most beautiful garden in the world and a place where you can relax and let go of anxiety and stress. Bask in the gentle healing light of the sun as it soothes you with a very soft and gentle energy.

This session has been written and recorded by Mark Spalek, a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a busy practice in Leicester, Positive Suggestions Hypnotherapy, . Mark offers a wealth of knowledge and experience within hypnotherapy and self hypnosis and has helped 1000’s of people empower themselves and take control of their lives.

Relaxing into Self Hypnosis free audio MP3 recording download

Relaxing Into Self Hypnosis – Free Self Hypnosis Audio Recording