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Alcohol Addiction
Drug Addiction
Gambling Addiction
Stop Binge Drinking

Bad Habits

Control Gag Reflex
Get Rid Of Nightmares
Sleep Well – 2 Session Insomnia Pack
Smooth Muscle Spasms And Tics
Stop Binge Drinking
Stop Blushing
Stop Nail Biting
Stop Biting Thumbs

Confidence & Self Esteem

Best Wedding Speech
Boost Your Confidence
Boost Self Esteem
Confidence In Situations
Confident Public Speaking
Enhance Motivation
Total Confidence & Self Esteem – 3 Session Pack


Positive Thinking

Fears & Phobias

Eliminate Fear Of Getting Into Trouble
Fear Of Being Sick On A Plane
Get Rid Of Nightmares
Lose Fear And Enjoy Flying
Lose Fear Of Dogs – 2 Session Pack
Lose Fear Of Driving
Lose Fear Of Eating New Foods – 2 Session Pack
Lose Fear of Lifts

Pain Management

Ease Lower Back Pain
Pain Free – Pain Management

Self Development

Best Job Interview
Dealing With Unexpected Breakup
Enhance Motivation
Get My Dream Job
Letting Go Of A Relationship
Lose Anger
Make Decisions Achieve Tasks
Overcome Procrastination
Enhance Empathy

Sports Performance

Enjoy Running
Getting In The Zone
Improve Clay Shooting
Improve Cricket – Batting
Improve Darts – 2 Session Pack
Improve Football
Improve Golf
Improve Gymnastics
Improve Show Jumping

Stress & Anxiety

Anxiety Of Going Away
Anxiety Over Guitar Playing
Anxiety Over Retaking Exams
Best Job Interview
Control Gag Reflex
Control Your Emotions
Conquer Exam Stress – 2 Session Pack
End Anxiety Now!
End Panic Attacks Now!
Noise Sensitivity
Overcome Passenger Anxiety
Relaxing Into Self Hypnosis
Stop Blushing

Quit Smoking

Positive Stop Smoking Plan – 2 Session Pack

Weight Loss

Lose Weight
No More Chocolate
Remove Comfort Eating
Stop Eating Junk Food
Stop Evening And Midnight Snacking
Stop Trance Eating