Self hypnosis audio recording - stop eating junk food

Stop Eating Junk Food – Self Hypnosis Audio Recording


Take control of bingeing on junk food with this self hypnosis audio session which focusses on helping you lose the cravings for junk food and instead start building a healthy relationship with food that is nutritious and good for you.


Wouldn’t it feel great to get rid of bingeing on junk food and to change your relationship with food?

How would it feel to naturally revert to a normal healthy diet which promotes vitality and wellbeing?

How good would it be to feel confident about saying no to food that is bad for you?

Stop Eating Junk Food’ is a self-hypnosis audio session created and recorded by Clinical Hypnotherapist Mark Spalek, who runs a busy practice, Positive Suggestions, in Leicester, UK. He brings to the table a wealth of experience and expertise in helping people lose their cravings and urges for junk food and instead embrace a healthy diet that promotes mind and body wellbeing.

We Are Instinctively Programmed To Eat Healthily

It may feel as though your binge eating is out of control but the good news is that we are all programmed to eat healthy food. In the state of deep relaxation we can learn to tap into this ‘true core’ of our eating habits and focus the mind to change our relationship with food in a positive way.

Key features of the ‘Stop Eating Junk Food’ audio self-hypnosis session

1. Powerful indirect and direct suggestions to help you lose the cravings for junk food and instead begin to crave healthy foods that are good for you.

2. Mental rehearsal techniques that are designed to help you let go of the junk food bingeing and take back control of your eating.

3. A focus on instilling confidence and control within you that can help you say No! to junk food.

4. Learn to build a healthy relationship with food and eating – say hello to food that is good for you instead.

Take back control of your eating today!

Professionally recorded, mixed and mastered with relaxing background music and soothing voice.


Track 1: Instructions for Use [3:28]

Track 2: Stop Eating Junk Food [29:04]