Stop Biting Thumbs - Self Hypnosis Audio

Stop Biting Thumbs – Self Hypnosis Audio Recording


Get clean, healthy, attractive thumbs by getting rid of your thumb biting habit for good.


Fed up of having painful bleeding thumbs?
Embarrassed about how your thumbs look?
Find yourself hiding your thumbs away from others?
Constantly biting your thumbs without noticing?
Want to get rid of biting your thumbs?
Want to have healthy clean thumbs?
Want to show off your thumbs?
Want to let go of any urge to bite your thumbs?

Stop Biting Thumbs Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording

‘Stop Biting Thumbs’ is a self hypnosis audio MP3 recording designed to help you get rid of the habit of biting your thumbs so that they can become healthy, clean and attractive.

Imagine how it would feel to no longer have the habit?

Imagine how your thumbs would feel and look if you stopped biting them?

Imagine feeling proud of your thumbs and showing them off instead of hiding them?

Imagine no longer having any urges or cravings to bite your thumbs?

Imagine how happy and confident you would feel?

Utilising a powerful combination of direct and indirect suggestions, positive mental imagery to help stimulate letting go of the habit, metaphors and breathing techniques for helping lose all urges or cravings to bite your thumbs, this self-hypnosis audio MP3 download utilizes the unconscious mind in order to help you get rid of the habit for good.

Becoming more aware of your thumb biting habit gives you greater conscious control and helps break the habit apart.


– Powerful indirect and direct suggestions for getting rid of biting your thumbs

– Positive mental imagery to produce a blueprint of healthy clean attractive thumbs that you can be proud of

– Lose cravings and urges to bite thumbs

– Boost control and confidence with getting rid of the habit for good

– Professionally recorded, mixed and mastered with relaxing background music and soothing voice


Track 1: Instructions for Use [3:28]

Track 2: Stop Biting Thumbs [26:00]