Self hypnosis to stop binge drinking

Self Hypnosis To Stop Binge Drinking


Take control of your drinking with this self hypnosis audio download which is designed to help you stop binge drinking and to say no to alcohol as well as deal effectively with any triggers for drinking.


Feel that your drinking is out of hand?
Find that you cannot stop once you start?
Lose control of your drinking in social situations?
Drink to forget at home?
Is bingeing on alcohol ruining your life?
Want to stop the binge drinking for good?
Want to feel in control of your drinking?
Want to say no to alcohol?
Want to feel confident that you can stop bingeing?
Want to take back control of your life?


‘Stop Binge Drinking’ Audio Self Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Session

The UK’s binge drinking levels are some of the highest in the world, causing physical and mental health problems as well as distress to family and friends. Most of us enjoy a drink now and again but it’s definitely time to get help when you can no longer control your drinking and binge regularly on alcohol even though you think that you’re in control when you start drinking. It’s time to get help when drinking is affecting your daily life in an adverse way, when regular hangovers are the norm and you find yourself drinking much more than your friends.

‘Stop Binge Drinking’ is a self hypnosis audio MP3 download, created by Clinical Hypnotherapist Mark Spalek to help you stop bingeing on alcohol and take back control in your life. Mark has extensive experience of helping clients stop binge drinking at his UK based hypnotherapy practice, Positive Suggestions. Utilizing his expert knowledge of hypnotherapeutic interventions he has developed an audio hypnotherapy session that allows the client to lift the need to binge drink and to take back control in their lives.

Over 30 minutes of self hypnosis!!

Imagine being able to have the power and control to say no to alcohol.

Imagine what it would feel like to no longer be controlled by your drinking and instead to feel empowered and in control.

Imagine what it would feel like to enjoy life without the alcohol, without the bingeing.

‘Stop Binge Drinking’ contains a powerful blend of indirect and direct suggestions to stop bingeing, metaphors to promote positive change and mental rehearsal techniques that help you react differently to triggers for drinking, helping you empower yourself and let go of the binge drinking.

Stop bingeing on alcohol today!

Benefits of ‘Stop Binge Drinking’

– Powerful self-hypnosis audio to help you stop binge drinking

– Learn how to take control of your alcohol intake

– Feel confident that you can say no to alcohol and stop when you want to

– Train the mind to be aware of any triggers for your bingeing and to deal with these triggers in a way that stops the bingeing

– Experience how it would feel to no longer binge on alcohol

– Professionally recorded, mixed and mastered with relaxing background music and soothing voice


Track 1: Instructions for Use [3:28]

Track 2: Stop Binge Drinking [32:24]