Lose Anger Self Hypnosis Recording

Lose Anger – Self Hypnosis Audio Recording


Learn how to let go of anger and temper tantrums and feel calm, relaxed and in control instead.


Do you have anger or anger management issues?
Do you get angry at the slightest thing?
Feel out of control when you lose it?
Does your temper get in the way of your personal and professional life?

Want to learn to let go of the anger instead of being overwhelmed by it?
Want to lose the anger and feel calm and relaxed instead?
Want to be in control no matter what is happening around you?


Lose Anger – Self Hypnosis Audio Recording

Lose Anger is a self hypnosis audio download specifically designed to help you let go of anger in situations that in the past you would have found yourself losing your temper. Anger is a destructive emotion that wrecks lives and causes mental and physical harm to ourselves and others. Left untended it can make us unhappy and frustrated. So wouldn’t it be great if we could let go of anger and feel calm, relaxed and in control instead?

Experience Life without Anger using Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis can provide an effective way of letting go of anger, replacing it with positive feelings such as calmness and relaxation. Learn to stop reacting to anger provoking thoughts and instead be able to let these thoughts go. In certain moments in life you cannot control what is going on around you but you can control whether you get angry or remain calm. Through hypnosis you will be able to change your responses to old anger provoking situations so that you remain relaxed and in control.

Externalize the Anger and Rehearse Future Situations

The ‘Lose Anger’ self hypnosis audio includes techniques for locating and externalizing any anger you may have towards someone or something. Powerful mental rehearsal techniques are provided so that you can practice being calm and relaxed in situations that in the past would have made you angry or frustrated.


– Powerful indirect and direct suggestions for losing anger

– Positive mental imagery and rehearsal techniques for instilling calmness and relaxation instead of anger and frustration

– Feel in control and relaxed in situations where in the past you would have lost it

Anger externalization techniques incorporated within the audio self hypnosis session

– Developed through extensive work with clients with anger issues

– Professionally recorded, mixed and mastered with relaxing background music and soothing voice


Track 1: Instructions for Use [3:28]

Track 2: Lose Anger [24:08]