Lose Fear Of Driving Self Hypnosis Audio MP3 Download

Lose Fear Of Driving – Self Hypnosis Audio Recording


‘Lose Fear Of Driving’ is a self hypnosis audio session designed to help you lift the fear of driving and instead learn how to relax your mind and body in order to make the driving experience a more positive satisfying experience.


Let’s Let Go Of Any Negative Experiences Of Driving

As those of us who are afraid of driving know, this can be an incredibly debilitating fear. Driving is a necessary practice in our busy worlds where jobs often require a commute, where school runs are the norm, where roads are ever more congested and driving can be ever more challenging.

It doesn’t matter what caused your fear of driving, what matters now is to let go of that fear and learn to become calm and relaxed in a car. What matters now is to begin to enjoy driving and to change your experience of driving into something that is altogether more pleasant and satisfying.

The ‘Lose Fear Of Driving’ self-hypnosis audio MP3 download provides help with lifting any fears you may have about driving and instead focusses the mind on feeling calm and relaxed in any vehicle. The mind is an incredibly powerful organ that can be taught to learn and unlearn ways of responding to situations and hypnosis can be a potent tool in helping this process of positive change.

Let’s Access Calmness And Relaxation From The Past

‘Fear Of Driving’ has been professionally recorded by Clinical Hypnotherapist Mark Spalek, who runs a busy UK practice, Positive Suggestions, in Leicester. His many sessions of clinical practice with helping clients that are afraid of driving has gone into the development of this audio product.

Learn how to access calmness and relaxation during this session of self-hypnosis and how to anchor these feelings while you are driving, helping you make the experience of driving more enjoyable.

Let’s Make Friends With Driving

Imagine making friends with driving instead of battling the fear all the time. Wouldn’t it feel great if you were in perfect harmony with your driving, where you no longer wound yourself up or experienced anxiety or panic in a car? This audio self-hypnosis product contains positive suggestions that can help you build relaxation and inner peace while driving. It guides you through the process of positive change in a way that is unique to you as you learn to use your own inner resources to overcome the fear of driving.

Let’s Imagine Driving Just The Way That We Want To

Powerful mental rehearsal techniques are included within this hypnosis session so that you can begin to imagine yourself driving just the way that you want to, feeling calm and relaxed, no longer fearing the process, feeling good within your vehicle. By priming the mind with these more positive experiences you are helping it to let go of the fear and to begin to start to enjoy driving instead.

Let go of your fear of driving today!

Benefits of ‘Lose Fear Of Driving’ Self Hypnosis

– Powerful self-hypnosis audio to help lose the fear of driving

– Learn how to let go of negative experiences of driving and instead promote calmness and relaxation in a vehicle

– Utilize anchoring techniques that help center your mind and body when you are driving

– Help change your relationship with driving into an experience which is more pleasant and satisfying

– Get help with lifting the panic and anxiety and instead focus the mind on calmness and tranquility

– Mentally rehearse driving just the way that you want to

– Professionally recorded, mixed and mastered with relaxing background music and soothing voice


Track 1: Instructions for Use [3:28]

Track 2: Lose Fear Of Driving [31:28]