Enjoy Running - Self Hypnosis Audio Recording

Enjoy Running – Self Hypnosis Audio Recording


Self hypnosis audio session to help you lose any anxiety you may have about running, to replace negative self-talk with positive thoughts about running instead, and to boost confidence and calmness during any run or race so that you perform to the best of your abilities.


Not enjoying your running?
Worried about past injuries or getting injured?
Think that you won’t finish a race or a marathon?
Find yourself thinking negative thoughts about your running?
Feel down about your performance?
Want to enjoy running?
Want to perform to the best of your abilities?
Want to let go of the anxiety of running and feel calm and confident instead?
Want to get in the zone during a run?
Want to banish the negative thoughts and feel positive about running?

‘Enjoy Running’ Self-Hypnosis Audio Recording

Created and recorded by Clinical Hypnotherapist Mark Spalek at his UK practice, Positive Suggestions, ‘Enjoy Running’ is a self-hypnosis audio recording designed to help you lift any anxieties about running and instead feel confident as you imagine yourself running to the best of your ability.

Whether you enjoy a gentle jog in the park, or are planning on running a marathon, this self-hypnosis session is designed for all runners who wish to improve their performance, professional and amateur alike.

Utilising powerful mental rehearsal techniques learn how to let go of self-limiting beliefs about your running and instead focus the mind on feeling positive and confident each and every time you step into your running shoes.

Having worked with many professional athletes over the years, Mark has utilised his experience to deliver a product that will help you be the best at running that you possibly can be.

Enjoy running today and improve your performance!

Benefits of ‘Enjoy Running’

– Powerful self-hypnosis audio to help get rid of anxieties over running or injuries

– Learn how to replace negative thoughts over running with positive thoughts instead

– Feel confident and calm as you run

– Train the mind to focus and be ‘in the zone’

– Experience the perfect run over and over again in your mind to help prime you for success

– Overcome any barriers over your performance and enjoy running again

– Professionally recorded, mixed and mastered with relaxing background music and soothing voice


Track 1: Instructions for Use [3:28]

Track 2: Enjoy Running [28:58]