Control Your Emotions Self Hypnosis Audio Recording

Control Your Emotions – Self Hypnosis Audio Recording


Self hypnosis audio recording to help you take control of your emotions in all situations and let go of negative feelings such as anger, frustration, stress and irritability. Learn to relax and be in control of your emotions, being more compassionate and understanding of others.


Self Hypnosis For Controlling Your Emotions Better

Find yourself losing it when you’re put under pressure?
Quick to feel angry and frustrated in a situation?
Lose your temper and regret it later?
Feel that your lack of control over your emotions is compromising work or home relationships?
Want to learn how to let go of negative emotions?
Want to control your emotions in all situations?
Want to be calm and relaxed instead of angry and frustrated?
Want to be more compassionate towards others?
Want to be a better person?

Control Your Emotions – Hypnosis Download

Designed for those of us who find our emotions spiralling out of control whenever we’re faced with a challenging situation.

Let go of the insensitivity and tenseness in situations that are stressful.

Adopt a more compassionate understanding approach and see the viewpoint from others and not just from yourself. Take a step back and relax your mind and body. Be less intense in situations and more calm and relaxed.

We’ve all been there when we’re stressed, flying off the handle at someone that upsets us at work or venting our frustration out upon an innocent person that happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When it comes to losing our temper or being overtly aggressive or patronizing with someone stress and anxiety are big feeders of our negative reactions.

Relaxing the mind and body as well as detaching from any negative thoughts, feelings or emotions is vital in taking control of our reaction to a situation.

Self hypnosis can be a powerful vehicle for facilitating deep calmness and relaxation within your mind and body.

When the mind is relaxed you can respond to old negative emotional triggers in a positive way, a way that shows compassion and understanding towards others, a way that detaches and diffuses negative emotions and feelings from the trigger itself.

Imagine being calm and relaxed when there is a challenging situation to deal with.

Imagine nurturing compassion within you to help you take a step back and understand others’ viewpoints.

Imagine integrating positive emotions such as confidence and control, stilling the whirlpool of emotions in your mind.

Begin to control your emotions through self hypnosis today and feel empowered!

Benefits of ‘Control Your Emotions’ Self Hypnosis Audio Hypnotherapy Download

– Learn to let go of negative emotions such as anger and frustration

– Feel confident of controlling your emotions in all situations

– Lose the stress and irritability

– Remain calm and relaxed and in control

– Mentally rehearse future situations where you used to lose it under pressure

– Professionally recorded, mixed and mastered with relaxing background music and soothing voice


Track 1: Instructions for Use [3:28]

Track 2: Control Your Emotions [25:18]