Conquer Exam Stress – 2 Session Self Hypnosis Audio Recording (Save 20%)


Get rid of any anxiety you may have about revising for and taking exams as well as anchoring confidence and relaxation so that you are at peak performance during an exam.


2 Sessions in this Audio Hypnotherapy Pack – Over 1 hour’s worth of hypnotherapy

Do you worry about failing an exam?
Do you get stressed before an exam?
Do you panic during an exam?
Are you anxious days before your exam?
Do you worry about your revision?
Are you scared of letting yourself and others down?

Conquer Exam Stress

Product Details

With over ten years previous experience as a Further Education College and University Lecturer, Mark has used all his extensive knowledge of the fears, anxieties and common problems associated with revision and taking exams, to produce this excellent self hypnosis audio MP3 download.

Overcome Your Fears And Worries About Exams

This professionally recorded audio MP3 download helps you overcome your fears and worries about revision, exams, forgetting what you have learned, as well as the worry of not having enough time to answer all the questions on the paper. Mark’s deeply layered language structure is designed to help you to experience profound relaxation and inner confidence during exams which will allow you to perform at the best of your ability under pressure.

Benefits of ‘Conquer Exam Stress’ Self-Hypnosis Audio Hypnotherapy Pack

This wonderful self-hypnosis audio pack includes 2 hypnotherapy sessions and  has been designed to help you with:

– Removing any negative thoughts, feelings or barriers you may have about learning and revising

– Overcoming any fear and stress associated with taking exams

– Improving recall of relevant material under pressure

– Relaxing your mind and body prior to taking your exam so that you are at the peak of your performance

– Tapping into your inner resources in order to realise your full potential

– Being totally prepared for your exam

– Releasing any stress and tension during the exam

– Utilising the power of your subconscious mind to retain the important and relevant information that you need to succeed

– Becoming completely confident in achieving the high marks and grades you know you are worth

– Anchoring feelings of confidence and relaxation within your mind and body which help instil a feeling of calmness during exams


Track 1: Instructions For Use [3:44]

Track 2: End To Exam Stress [37:13]

Track 3: Anchoring Confidence & Relaxation During An Exam [33:52]