10 Minutes To Achieving Your Goals

Mark Spalek Leicester Hypnotherapy

No matter what goals you want to achieve in life, in order to get what you want you must focus on your goal each and every day. That’s right, each and every day. How many of us have set monthly or weekly goals only to find that after a couple of days we lose focus and become occupied with something else? I have tried weekly and monthly goals myself and this system does not work for me.

The only way of achieving your goal is to do it daily.

10 minutes a day.

So for example, if you want to write a novel, write it 10 minutes each day. This is what I am currently doing. If you want to meet that special person, spend 10 minutes every day planning social things that will get you meeting people and then do those social things. If you want to learn an instrument practice 10 minutes a day. Want to learn a new language? Practice 10 minutes a day.

So set a goal today and work towards it 10 minutes a day and you will achieve your goal. Happy days!

Positive Blossom Tip: Spend 10 minutes a day on a goal. Every day.